Surprise Living

In Lakewood, Washington

Are you thinking of getting apartments for rent in Lakewood Washington? Let’s start by learning a few things about the area. In this post, we’ll be looking at the top reasons why you should move to Lakewood, WA.


Cost of living

When compared to the average cost of living in the state of Washington, living in Lakewood is overall less expensive. Lakewood is one of the most affordable options in Washington. You will enjoy an average saving of about 20% on healthcare compared to the national locations.


Education options

Whether you are a student or have a family, there are solid education options in Lakewood. As part of the Clover Park School District, there are several great options for elementary and high school. The main schools include:


  • Dower Elementary
  • Lake Louise Elementary
  • Hudtloff Middle School
  • Woodbrook Middle School
  • Harrison Preparatory School
  • Lakes High
  • Clover Park High
  • Central Washington University Pierce County campus



You expect to find lakes in a place called Lakewood, right? You are not wrong. There are 10 lakes spanning the area, both man-made and natural. Most of these lakes are centers for outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, scenic nature views, and a lot more. The lakes include:

  • America Lake
  • Carp Lake
  • Gravelly Lake
  • Wards Lake
  • Steilacoom Lake
  • Waughop Lake
  • Lake Louise
  • Lost Lake
  • Boyles Lake
  • Hidden Lake


In addition to the lakes, there are several small creeks that go through the town. The creeks connect many of these lakes.



Lakewood receives a fair amount of rain every year. The area gets an average of 40 inches of rain and approximately 5 inches of snow per year. The local temperatures are between 50- and 80-degrees F during summer and between 30 and mid-40s in winter.


If you are searching for a spacious apartment for rent, you will not be disappointed living in Lakewood. There is so much to do here for both adults and kids. Lakewood is particularly great for military families. If you love outdoor activities and don’t mind short commutes to neighboring towns, Lakewood will be perfect for you. There are so many great apartments for you to pick from.