Top 10 Amenities for Apartment Dwellers

Small things add up to a great living experience!

Such things as consistant maintanence, convenient access, and heightened security are a must-have in a luxury apartment. But what else do apartment dwellers want? Whether you are going for 1-bedroom apartments or 2 bedrooms, here are the top amenities apartment dwellers want. 

1. Spacious rooms

You don’t want your home to feel claustrophobic, do you? This is why apartment dwellers always go for apartments with spacious rooms and high ceilings.

2. Pet friendly

57% of millennial households own a pet. You don’t want to give up your dog or cat simply because the lease doesn’t permit pets. Pet friendliness is a must for a luxury apartment.

3. Wood or wood-like flooring

Wood floors are warm, easy to clean and they look amazing. Most renters, especially millennials opt for apartments with wood or wood-like flooring.

4. Washer and dryers in units

There is nothing better than the convenience of washing your clothes in the comfort of your own home. A full washer & dryer in the unit offers a priceless experience.

5. Updated kitchen

There is nothing more exciting than preparing your favorite meal in a modern kitchen. When shopping around for apartments for rent or for sale, target the ones with expansive countertops and stainless-steel appliances.

6. Fitness areas

If getting in shape is a top priority for you, only consider apartments with a fitness area. The gym should have top-tier equipment.

7. Elevator access

You don’t want to scale up a hundred stairs to your floor, do you? Elevator access is a must-have in a luxury apartment.

8. Garage parking

Garage parking is the best thing for apartment dwellers. While the option may not have a designated exact space, a parking garage offers ample parking space. Guests can use the spare parking spots.

9. Pool

Being able to take a swim whenever you want especially during summer is amazing. The best apartments are those with a pool and pool deck for the warm, sunny summer days.

10. Balcony

Last but not least, you will need a place to catch the morning or evening rays or entertain your guests. This is what makes a balcony a must-have in an apartment.